Saturday 1 November 2008

good evening...well i went shopping for candles today, did not stay in so only got a few cards made, but managed to decorate some candles for my craft fair...messed up one candle as i had never done these before, have uploaded a picture for you along with a few cards

i used flower soft for the first time also today so easy and quick to do


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, your candles & cards are fab, love them so when is yor fair?. Denise x

Susie said...

Helllo Carol
Firstly your blog is coming along really well, love your Forever Friends stamps you have used on the sooooo jealous as i havent got them YET lol
Secondly thanks for being a follower of my blog, i am now a follower of yours
Happy Crafting & Blogging

Happy Crafter said...

Fab cards and love the candles Carol, Good luck with the craft fair hope you enjoy it :)
Val x

Jackie said...

they are really lovely these candles