Friday 4 February 2011

A blog gift from a friend

Hello how windy is it tonight, best place is in the house i think, with my PJ's on all

Just been given this" love blog" award from my dear friend and DT team mate


There is some conditions which come with this and they are

if you have been tagged and agree to participate you then create a post and link the persons blog that give it too you. Also let them know you have accepted the award.

You can choose between 3-5 blogs to award and you need to link there blogs with their name.

Dear bloggers

The aim of this action is to bring unknown, good blogs to light, so i would ask you not to blog fellow bloggers that have more 3,ooo followers

Mmmm now then this is the hard part!!




There is so many good bloggers out there with fab creations,it's always hard to pick just a few.

enjoy the weekend peeps, x carol

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